Moving Forward Together

As we move past the difficult days that COVID-19 has brought, we look forward to forging a new normal in our lives, knowing that we’re all figuring it out together. Finding the courage to keep going can start by knowing you’re not alone.

When We Say We Have Your Back, We Mean It

Putting our customers first has always been our top priority. We do this by partnering with meaningful organizations and doing all we can to show our commitment to our communities. We know so many have been affected by COVID-19, and we’ve tried to offer as much assistance as possible to help each one through these difficult days.

Supporting our Communities, Customers and Employees

Giving to Communities

We know there are so many organizations who have been critical in combating this crisis. In an effort to help as many as possible, we’ve donated $1 million to the following:
  • CDC Foundation Emergency Response Fund
  • CDP COVID Response Fund
  • HFPG COVID-19 Community Fund
  • Feeding America
But we didn’t stop at monetary donations. We also matched hospitals across the country with local small business restaurants to sponsor meals for their front-line workers. Our HartMob team has rallied our 19,000 employees to shop more than 1,500 small businesses of our customers across the country.

Offering Customer Support

We know the pandemic brought financial difficulties for millions of Americans. Our goal during this challenging time was to give our customers flexibility in making ends meet. That’s why during this time, we provided flexible payment options, canceled late fees and created our COVID-19 Personal Auto Payback Plan. This plan gave our auto insurance customers a 15% credit on their April and May auto insurance premiums, while temporarily suspending late fees and cancellations for non-payment.

Encouraging Safety for Everyone

We’ve taken every precaution to ensure that our employees and communities stay protected and healthy. When the pandemic began, that meant closing our offices. Now, we continue to monitor every update and are creating reopening guidelines based on the safety of our staff. As many continue to work remotely, we’re hosting all of our meetings virtually and have canceled travel until we can be sure it’s safe again. During this time, we’ve also made sure to keep our employees and customers as updated as possible. That’s why you’ll see our site includes the latest guidelines and resources regarding COVID-19.
As we continue to monitor the ever-changing situation in our country, our thoughts are with everyone who’s been affected. We know we’re doing all we can to stay safe while we push forward in these challenging times. Our thoughts are with those who are sick or recovering, and our hearts go out to those who are on the front lines continuously caring for others. As we move forward, know that we’re not just with you, we’re right behind you as our country reopens, cheering you on as we find our new normal.
To help our customers during this time, we’ve put together these helpful resources to guide you through the situations you may be facing.